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Frequently Asked Questions?

How Many Sessions?
Treatment wise.......everyone is different.

We usually suggest booking in for 3-4 treatments a week to 10 days apart. For those that have chronic conditions it may take a bit longer, but that is always addressed on a case by case basis.


It may that you receive one treatment and feel it has helped, others may take  2, some 3.....we will discuss this during your session.  On a personal note , one of the therapists had three treatments before the pain from her ankles disappeared completely and four treatments before the pain and mobility felt normal again. She now gets maintenance "top ups" every 4 months or so .  Others get treatment and then never need it again!!


There is no ideal time for a Bowen Therapy session, but if you can get a treatment  immediately after an injury, it can provide a huge benefit due to its natural effect to reduce inflammation and pain.  It can also help your body overcome the trauma before it begins to compensate for it (which often creates more problems in the long run than the initial trauma itself). It also promotes blood flow so is also beneficial after operations, sprains and tears.


From a sports performance/management perspective, Bowen is great as a maintenance treatment as it increases hamstring flexibility, and helps open up the diaphragm

Am I seated, standing or on a couch for my treatment?

It can be all the above. Assessment are normally done standing up, some moves are better when the client is seated. Mostly however, we ask clients to get themselves onto the couch for their treatment.

Treatments are undertaken full clothed excluding outer garments such as jackets and coats.

How quickly will I get a benefit from my treatment?

As we mentioned above, everyone is different.

However, many people will be able to feel and see the difference and in some cases, immediately. Usually some assessments are done before any treatments take place. Those assessments are repeated to check the progress and effectiveness of the treatment.

Sometimes, when a lot of work is done to address a specific condition, the benefits may take some time to present themselves fully.

I am very sensitive - is the treatment painful?

Both Bowen and EMMETT are muscle release therapies and are considered gentle in nature. 

Will the treatment work for me?

​Bowen and EMMETT can be beneficial in a wide range of situations. It can assist recovery from many conditions, such as traumatic injury to chronic illness, depending upon each individual's capacity to heal.

Many clients report that Bowen or EMMETT is THE most relaxing modality they have ever experienced

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