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Emma Ross

Bowen Therapy Practitioner

EMMETT Technique Practitioner
Access Bars
®;  Pain 2 Go®; MFR (Myo Fascial Release)

Indian Head Massage


Yoga Instructor - Hot Yoga/Yin Yoga / Yoga Coach Sports Science (TM)

Moods & Emotions Mentor Coach

DoTERRA Essential oils advocate

Emma is a massive advocate of all things related to wellness, but also believes in everyone finding their “balance” in different ways.


Getting into the therapy and holistic side of things became really important after picking up a number of injuries herself during her sports and living a high-paced lifestyle.


Looking into the root cause of why someone is having an issue is what makes Emma tick, she continuously takes on professional development in all areas (personally and professionally) and after training in therapy based modalities she went on to train in yoga and yoga sports science to further understand functional movement in the body.


Having a sporting background herself (at an elite level) Emma enjoys working with athletes (at all levels), and also is into emotional wellness in a big way…….so one minute you will find her running a high energy hot yoga class, and the next chilling out a class with essential oils, slow fascia release movement …..and we wouldn't have her any other way

Linda Ross

Bowen Therapy Practitioner

EMMETT Technique Practitioner
Access Bars®

Pain 2 Go®

MFR (Myo Fascial Release)


Angel Therapy; Sekhem Energy

Hopi Ear Candling


A registered nurse by background, and mother to three girls, Linda has always been in the area of nurturing and caring for people.


Training in Aromatherapy in 1995 while the kids were still growing up (and still nursing), Linda found a love of holistic healthcare. Since then she has trained in a number of modalities, and specialised in areas, such as hormonal and fertility bowen, TMJ Dysfunction, and built her reputation with many healthcare professionals. Linda, like Emma likes to make her treatments bespoke to the client, and will sometimes bring a number of modalities into the mix to get the best outcome for what the client presents with at the time of treatment (after discussing this with them)


This lady/mum, and kind hearted soul, always strives to help people, and can also be found working with Emma (outside the hub) with the Charity 5Rs project in Sue Ryder (working with those with MS and strokes)

fiona ross.jpg

Fiona Ross

Bowen Therapist and EMMETT practitioner

EMMETT Animal Practitioner (Canines & Equines) and EMMETT trainer;

Access Bars®;

Sekhem Energy;

Hopi Ear Candling & Indian Head Massage;


Angel Healing Teacher and Angel Healing Practitioner;

Angel Card Readings; Atlantean Crystal Healing™ Practitioner;

doTERRA Wellness Advocate;

Crystal Expert at UWH

With a background in Psychology and Counselling, I am passionate about supporting people to Live their Life in the present moment, to experience their Life to the full!


It excites me to see people grow, and to recognise their own strength - seeing the hidden blessings and learnings in their experiences to become more of who they already are!


I recognise the potential in every one I meet, and when people are ready to show up for themselves and take responsibility for their happiness there is opportunity for a true shift and transformation to take place!


My personal development journey began nearly 15 years ago when I started

learn about energy healing, and practising meditation. I continue to Love and deepen my practise of self-compassion through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to nurture myself.  I Love spending time with my family & friends, and fur family too.


I lead from the heart and Live my Life authentically.


I share my passion for empowerment through working with Angels and guides to support those I align with, by holding the space and creating an environment to allow them to relax to see the beauty in who they are, and focus on their natural gifts as they align to their true self.

My passion for empowerment also extends to animals too, supporting Horses and Dogs and their human companions with EMMETT Technique and therapeutic grade essential oils. 


Nigel has been in the Oil & Gas industry his entire working life, mainly working overseas in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia and the Middle East. In 2019 he started the EMMETT Practitioner course and qualified in Oct 2020.


Nigel Ross

EMMETT Technique Practitioner

Trainee Crystal Black Belt at the Hub
Looks after EARTHSTORE crystals and stones

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